How to boost your company in a Covid-19 time? PART 1


We are in a situation of global crisis where doubt, concern, and losses abound. This is our reality. We shouldn’t desperately invest in blind marketing or ad campaigns without a clear objective,  to try to get sales.

But from this place where we are standing now, how can we reinvent ourselves looking for proposals that boost our sales?
You should not let fear and uncertainty drive you, it’s time to get creative and innovate, it’s important to explore new reaches that you didn’t have in mind before!

Let us give you some ideas :

Market place
If you have a gastronomic place, you could offer your end product ingredients or components as another product by itself, i.e you sell sandwiches, now you can sell the bread, the salami, and other ingredients. It’s a good way to avoid waste and customers will be happy to have your magic touch and the best qualities.

Vouchers and packs
If you sell services, do it in advance, like a pre-sale. You can sell online vouchers or packs with discounts! If you already have an audience, they are going to continue hiring your services, and when all of this will be normalized, they will be able to have the best benefits! And in the midtime, you will be capable of keeping your business afloat.

The most important thing is to take your time and analyze the needs of your audience putting yourself in their shoes, researching their needs in this unprecedented situation.

Showing them that you really care will generate empathy, one of the best ways to have a successful business!

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