How to boost your company in a Covid-19 time? PART 2


We have previously talked about some key points to have in mind to boost your company during this hard time.

The most significant thing is to take this situation as an emergent to improve what we normally did not consider or due to lack of time did not do it

Diversify your business, don’t stay only in what you normally offer! There is a lot of ways nowadays that allow you to make valuable content (branding), connect with your audience, and make them know you.

A few more tips:

Online sales
In this digital era, it’s something essential to have a well-developed
e-commerce, and even more in this quarantine time.
Also, you can do different things to stand out from the rest: extra discounts, offer free shipping and personalized attention. That will generate great value to the customer, and they’ll feel that you care!

Social media content
Now that all relationships are becoming trough a screen, it’s the best time to create great content, just be yourself!
Communication it’s a key to generate engagement with your customers, and there is a lot of ways to do it, like educational content (tutorials, selling online courses ), lifehacks, different ways to use your product, showing the “behind the scenes” of your business, make them participate in some decisions of your brand (design, ideas for creating a new product, redecoration of your store), etc.

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