How to be a master of Copywriting

The content you see written on a Facebook or an Instagram post. The headline of a Google ad or the description of a YouTube video. The text on a website, from the landing page to the product page.

That’s Copywriting.

Officially, is defined as:
“The activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.”

You may think, OK! Writing is simple. Put some words on and it’s ready.
But it isn’t just writing. It’s a strategy too.

If you offer your products or services online, you have realized that having a cool design is not enough to sell. To encourage interaction and generate engagement with your clients, copywriting must be on your top 3 to-do list.

Why? Because no one wants to feel like they’re being sold to!

When you communicate, you don’t have to talk about how great your product is. You need to understand the problems of your customers, make them feel identified, and talk about how your product will solve their lives.

Copywriting persuades, it is the text that makes somebody stop thinking “I can live without it”, and start thinking “Why am I living without it?”

Walk away today knowing a few tactics to make your copy exceptional:

  • Look at your target audience and define the tone you’ll want to use. You wanna sound informal? Professional? Speak to them in the same language!
  • Define the purpose of your copy, and create a strategy to provide value. Don’t forget the call to action!
  • Know your client’s desires, think about their problems, and show how your product or service can solve them.
  • Use emotional words that people can imagine, like a story in their minds.
  • Make headers to impact!
Copywriting isn’t always about selling. Sometimes it’s about meeting your customers exactly where they are and telling them that you understand what they’re feeling… so that they buy from you later

We know is not something easy, it requires practice.

And that’s exactly what SouthSwell has!

Write us, and let’s give your audience a reason to stop scrolling and focus on you!